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“Learn How To Take Your Internet Business To The Next       Level With The Power Of Mobile Marketing!” …


    “Learn How To Take Your Internet Business To The Next       Level With The Power Of Mobile Marketing!”

    Here’s a summary of what you will learn in this video series:
    1. Why Writing Responsive Emails Determines your list success
    In this Module, you’ll get a brief introduction of this video series, but most importantly the main concept as to how you can create a responsive email list.

    2. Initial Brainstorming
    You’ll also learn what tools you must have, and how to understand the purpose of writing your emails beforehand. You’ll also learn how to brainstorm and plan ahead.

    3. Different types of Promo Emails You Can Write
    There is more than just one way way to write a promotional email. In this module, you’ll be shown several examples of real life and tested emails, so that you can get a better understanding of how you can write them yourself.

    4. Mistakes to avoid when writing your promo emails
    In this video, you’ll be given a list of things you should avoid doing and of course, things you should not forget to do. By making these mistakes, they can often prevent your subscribers from taking the necessary action. This is taken from real life experience, so you can avoid the same mistakes we made.

    5. Importance Of A Good Email Subject Line
    You will be shown how you can write good subject lines, and several examples of proven subject lines that can grab attention.

    6. How to Format your Emails For Easier Reading
    You’ll be pointed to a free email formatting tool that you can use to make your emails look nicer.

    7. Importance of a good Email Body
    You’ll learn tips on getting your email read and understand how people will often respond to your writing style.

    8. How to get your readers to take action
    You’ll learn a few techniques on how to do this on also how to write the P.S., which is generally sums up your emails. The P.S. area is where a subscriber’s eyes tend to go to, especially when they are scanning the email.

    By making this easy investment today, you are going to gain a powerful skill to boost sales with every email promotion you send from now on.

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