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Dr. Ope Banwo holds a Bachelor’s; Master’s and Ph.D. in Law. He is an Entrepreneur, Attorney, Motivational Speaker and international Business Consultant. He is a gifted Speaker and Writer who has published several books on Personal Development, Business, Internet Marketing and Christian lifestyle. Dr Ope Banwo has been in Professional Training Industry as an Attorney and Facilitator since 1989.

He is the author of several books books of Lifestyle; Business and Internet Business and Marketing. Some of his best-selling books include: Overcoming The Gideon Complex; The Blessings Of Adversity; Confessions Of a Guru Wannabe; African Internet Business Manifesto; Offline-To-Online Business Manifesto; Facebook Marketing Miracle; LinkedIn Marketing Miracle; and Income Angel to mention a few.

Dr. Ope Banwo’s personal mission is to apply his talents, skills and training to help as many people and businesses as possible to find solutions to their business problems regardless of their industry.

Dr Ope Banwo has served at the highest levels of several companies in USA and Africa. He is currently the Founding Partner of Banwo And Igbokwe, LLC with[ offices in USA and Nigeria] and Founder/ Chairman of American Internet Business School. He is also the originator of the very first Internet Business Awards in Nigeri titled ‘Nigerian DotCom Awards’ and in Africa ‘African DotCom Awards’.


Daven Michaels, Founder of, is living proof of the American dream. An entrepreneur since age 15, Michaels’ expertise includes roles as a best-selling author, music and television producer, speaker, and founder of 123Employee. His success comes from understanding that in the era of internet business you need never be “the little guy”.

Michaels advocates for entrepreneurs, small-business owners and large corporations showing them how they can flourish by using communications technology to give them a competitive advantage. At the heart of 123Employee is the conviction that good business means business that is good for people: good for entrepreneurs, good for outsourced employees, and ultimately good for their customers.

In his book ‘Outsource This: Your Complete Resource to the World of Global Outsourcing’ Michaels shares the secrets to successful outsourcing that driven his success, and made him an in-demand speaker for conferences, businesses, radio and television shows across North America.


Mario Brown was born in Durham, NC – grew up in Germany and lived in Ecuador for 7 months in 2007 where he met the love of his life before moving to Miami in 2008. He has played professional Basketball and successfully studied foreign trade in Germany.

He is the founder and leader of Missionpreneur, a movement that empowers entrepreneurs who are on a mission to make a difference in the world, while creating a sustainable online business.

Mario Brown is one of the most in-demand speakers on Online Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Leadership and High Performance in the world.

In only 5 years after he arrived to the US, Mario became a very successful Entrepreneur, Amazon Best-Selling author of the “The Ultimate SEO Machine” and “Mobile Marketing for your Local Business”, and highly in demand Business and Motivational Speaker.

Founder and CEO of Royal Internet Marketing Inc. he has helped local business, especially lawyers, to dominate the Search Engines. He was also the Co-founder of MobileBizBox, a very successful all-in-one Mobile Solution that has helped small to mid-size mobile marketers to have a single software suite to deliver mobile websites, Apps, SMS, and QR code solutions to their clients.

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Allyn Cutts is an internet marketing guru who has used his considerable marketing skills to make his company a leading provider for local, regional, and national companies for more than 12 years, by directly managing their off-line and on-line marketing efforts

Allyn Cutts specializes in Google Places, Local, Video, Social Media and Mobile Marketing, SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click, Direct Mail, Direct Response Marketing, Facebook Pages, Facebook Marketing, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

He is the President/CEO of Cutts Group based in the USA


Willie Crawford, ‘The Joint Venture King’, is a multi-talented entrepreneur and an acknowledged leader in the Internet marketing community for many years as a provider of quality products and services.

Mr. Crawford is the Executive Director of The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers, and Co-founder of The JV Academy. He has created dozens of information products, including over 1600 articles and 34 eBooks. He owns several software companies and over 2400 websites.

As one of the most accomplished Internet Business Trainers in the world, Willie Crawford has trained thousands of people on Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing over the years. He owns his own domain hosting company, providing web hosting services to thousands of companies and entrepreneurs all over the world.

Willie Crawford also hosts his own Radio Show and devotes his free time and resources to help others succeed.

stephen Akintayo

Stephen Akintayo, an inspirational speaker and Serial Entrepreneur is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Stephen Akintayo Consulting International and Gtext Media and Investment Limited, a leading firm in Nigeria whose services span from digital marketing, website design, bulk sms, online advertising,Media, e-commerce, real estate,Consulting and a host of other services.

He is the founder and Director of Digital Marketing School Nigeria.Africa’s leading Digital Marketing school issuing diploma certificates with robust training curriculum in Digital Maketing,Tele Marketing and Neuro Marketing. He is an Author of several published books including Turning Your Mess To Message, Soul Mate,Survival Instincts and Mobile Millionaire


Akin Alabi is a Serial entrepreneur, Internet marketer, author, speaker, highly paid and sought after hardcore marketing strategist. He is the CEO and Founder of which is currently the most visited sports betting website in Africa and the 14th in the whole world according to

Akin Alabi,  acknowledged nationwide as one of the pioneer gurus of internet business in Nigeria, started online in 2002 and has set up over 100 mega websites to date. Many of them have been outright failures. Some have been average and others have been wildly successful. He continues to be the reference point for how to become a successful internet marketer in Africa

As a big hearted big brother, Coach and Mentor to many of the aspiring internet marketers in Africa, Otunba Akin Alabi has mentored thousands of proteges in the business and sponsored hundreds for different empowerment trainings both locally and abroad over the years.


Ronald Nzimora, considered by many to be the Top Copywriter in Africa is one of the most consulted internet marketing strategists in Nigeria. He’s worked with several companies spanning the publishing, stockbroking, entertainment, sports, medical and business fields.

He knows how to help any business grow online netting them the two things they desire most – loyal customers and ever increasing profits. With passion, uncanny accuracy and intelligence, Ronald speaks about laying out an internet strategy for your company and avoiding the mistakes most companies make which turns their internet marketing efforts into a revenue drain pipe. Clients often call on Ronald when they want clarity and direction with their online marketing.

He’s an authentic presenter who offers a blend of no-bullshit advice, entertainment and interaction with a powerful message thrust that he can customize for any audience


Alicia Lyttle been a leader in the internet marketing industry for more than 15 years. Since leaving her last J-O-B as an environmental justice specialist in the White House, she has helped thousands around the world learn the power of the internet.

Unlike most other speakers, she has the unique distinction of having mastered all the behind the scenes aspects of internet marketing and being on the front line as a trainer and speaker. Within the internet marketing & social media marketing community, she is one of the most respected, knowledgeable and genuine women in the industry. Known as the go-to person for the right resources, networking, and connections.

Alicia Lyttle has traveled the world, from Asia, to the United Kingdom, Canada, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean, as well as all over the United States teaching people how to leverage the POWER of the internet and turn their knowledge into profits. Her true passion is working with entrepreneurs and creating strategies and systems to help them leverage the internet to create FINANCIAL SUCCESS and PERSONAL FREEDOM!

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